Annotation frustration- why is it so big?


I have an issue with transferring annotations from one slide image to another. I have a first set of stained slides (that were magnified at 20x) where I have drawn round the area I want to analyse. I then wanted to use the drawn area on a second set of slides (magnified at 10x). But, the annotation was twice the size. I can guess the problem is with the magnification the slides where imaged at, but is there any way around this problem without having to rescan all my slides? Or is there another reason for my issue?

Any help welcome, Iain

Hi Iain,
You’re probably right that the issue is different pixel sizes in the image. To fix this, you’ll need to scale down the annotation and align the two images from the two scans.

Here’s a method from Pete that uses the Interactive Image Alignment and a script to do the transfer:

Here’s a method that does a similar thing, but without ever calling the Interactive Image Alignment GUI. You’ll need to adjust the script a little to fit your situation, but I can help you with that if you get lost.