AnimalTracker Plugin Zone Designer Module

Hi all, I recently installed the AnimalTracker plugin from this website and am having problems with the Zone designing. For my experiment, I need to partition the zone into two zones, and calculate the amount of time the animal spends in each of the zones (Zone A & Zone B). However, when i start to track, i cannot seem to set both zones. I can only set either one and I think i am missing out some important information here (ie. I set Zone A and B, and only Zone A will appear in the processing video; and if i want to add on Zone B, Zone B can be added, but Zone A will disappear). The example this plugin gave was the Water maze and they seem to operate fine with different zones but there wasn’t a step by step guide on how to create these partitions and use it.

So i’m wondering if anyone here have used this before / can help me out with this? really appreciate it!:slight_smile:

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Hi Yin407,

you have to make different between tracking zone and analyzing zones. The tracking zone is where the program tries to find the observed object (animal). The analyzing zones are where the program extracts information from the tracking path which overlaps with the current zone. There is one tracking zone only. By reason of these, the analyzing zones should be covered by tracking zone.

In your current situation you have to duplicate the A and B zone and after that create a combined zone by using the Union operator. The combined zone will be your tracking zone and you will have three analyzing zones: A, B and AB. For more details please visit to

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Hi Marton,

Thank you so much for the pointers, they helped!:)) and so sorry for the delayed response!

Warm regards,
Yin Yi