Android API development for image j or other analysis software

Hi my startup Littlemachines is creating a smart portable digital microscope which is meant for professional use. A 1st of its kind, running android OS. I need someone who can help me devp an android version of image j
M new to this… give me some directions

Hi @Krishnanga_Kalita, welcome to the forum! :smile:

Please read this thread for details on the status of ImageJ on Android:

To my knowledge, no one has (publicly) worked on making ImageJ work on Android yet, although ImageJ2 was designed with that possibility in mind. Current status tracked on the Android page of the ImageJ wiki.

Thank you. :slight_smile: we can obviously devp our own android version of image j if we want right?

Absolutely; the license of ImageJ is BSD-2 (with some parts in the public domain). See the Licensing page for details. So you can do what you want!

But I’d encourage you to stay in contact with the community, and contribute any code fixes back to the open source codebase, if your business model can tolerate it. Alternately, you could keep your modifications closed and sell your Android version, if that is a business model you want to pursue. But future work on the open source side to enable ImageJ on Android might make your IP obsolete. It’s hard to predict the future there.

Yes, absolutely! I understand. Software will be a part of our revenue but we intend to keep it open and not close our doors. Thank u :slight_smile: checkout our page on Facebook by the name Littlemachines Pvt Ltd

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Hey, how’s your startup? What did you end up with?

Thanks to Wei Ouyang, and the CheerpJ Java to JavaScript compiler, there is now a version of ImageJ (ImageJ.JS) that runs on Android.


Here is ImageJ.JS running on an Android phone:

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