Andor Zyla does not return current frame when imaging mode is External Exposure

Andor sCMOS Camera, “ZYLA-5.5-USB3” with CameraFirmware: “”,
run using SDK 3: “3.14.30031.0” returns previous frame instead of the current frame when operated using the External Exposure control mode.
The camera works fine when being used in the Internal triggering mode.

We tried multiple Micro-Manager versions namely
Gamma 20200514
Gamma 20200920
Gamma 20201109
beta 20190329
and Micromanager 1.4

They all have the same issue.
Any ideas as to where the issue can arise from ?

Hi Amit,

Best to ask Andor. They are really good at working on these types of issue, and have been very responsive in the past.

B.t.w., the hardware layer is the same for all MM versions. It only changes by date (i.e., changes are more or less synchronously made in 1.4 and 2.0). This specific issue clearly resides in the device adapter/driver for the Andor SDK3.