Analyzing Spatial Arrangement and Randomness

Hi all,

I am looking for a way to analyze spatial arrangement and determine whether it is random or organized. If there is a plug in on Fiji or any way to easily do this, please share!
Thank you!!

I don’t have any plugin recommendations, but it might help to explain more about your problem. For that general type of problem I have usually seen comparisons between random distributions of N particles and actual distributions of N particles in terms of their average Nearest Neighbor distance.
You can get the expected yourself based on the number of objects (2D) and use a script like this (QuPath specific, but easy enough to duplicate) to calculate nearest neighbor distances.

Here is a plugin for spatial tests:

If you want to use a very powerful R package, here is an older thread which uses my application which combines ImageJ and R analysis:

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Here a video which shows a Particle Analysis with ImageJ and R using spatstat:

Here are some scripts:

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