Analyzing set of images

In Cell Profiler 2.1, how do you run a set of images instead of just one at a time. I keep receiving a notification saying “the pipeline did not identify any image sets. Please correct any problems in your input module settings and try again”.
I tried adding the CreateBatchFiles to the pipeline but I get an error with that too.


Hi Courtney,

Thanks for trying CellProfiler! I would follow the examples on our Welcome screen when you first launch CellProfiler. Basically:
(1) Drag your images into the Images module
(2) Load your example pipeline (e.g. from our Example Images webpage), or create it yourself
(3) Click the “Analyze Images” button. Perhaps you were clicking the “Start Test Mode” button instead?

After clicking Analyze Images, the pipeline should cycle through all your images sets, and not stop at just one.

Hope that helps! Let us know if not.