Analyzing Particules of a specific ROI

Hi guys,

Another question, maybe the last one, I hope.

I want to analyze the perimeter of this particles, so when I click on Analyzing particles it select all the particles and not from my ROI. How can i do it ?

thank you

Select the ROI’s you want to measure in the ROI Manager and the press the ‘Measure’ action in the ROI manager.

If you deselect the ROI’s all ROI’s in the ROI Manager will be measured.

You can also transfer your selection to the ROI Manager (press ‘t’), select and measure it.

For more options see:

Hi Bio7,

Yes, but the problem is that sometimes my ROI just cut one particule in a half, so i wanted something that when Fiji is selecting the particles in Analyze Particles, it would select only the particles that are in ROI


Do you know a way to create a new picture with the with only the particles on my ROI ?

You can either:

  • duplicate just your ROI, or
  • create a mask from your ROI and combine it with the particle mask using the Image Calculator

If you make the particle analysis with a selection only particles in the selection are measured if exclude on edges is selected, see:

Is it that what you want to archive?

Just a display of the measured particles can be archives by displaying the measured outlines or masked, etc., again see:

Yes perfect…

I selected the ROI and then in the Analysing particles i select Show: Masks

Thank you guys, you guys rock !!! :slight_smile:

Actually no :confused: … I did it, but now i don’t know how…