Analyzing new videos

I have trained a network and successfully analyzed two videos with it. However, every time I try to analyze additional videos, it prints:

The videos are analyzed. Now your research can truly start! …

There are no analyzed files in my video folder matching the video I would like to analyze, and I’ve tried renaming the video and adding it to the config path using deeplabcut.adddatasetstovideolistandviceversa.

How can I get DLC to analyze the next video? Thanks!

Firstly, please note that videos to analyze do not need to appear in the config.yaml file (the idea is to gather videos that are used for labeling, so using deeplabcut.adddatasetstovideolistandviceversa is not necessary).

Most likely your videos are not found, because:
a) the path is wrong (check that that folder is correct)
b) the video ending is different (by default DLC looks for ‘.avi’ files), you can change what it looks for by changing video_type (e.g. to ‘.mp4’)

Consider these examples:

If you want to analyze only 1 video

If you want to analyze multiple videos with shuffle = 2
deeplabcut.analyze_videos(’/analysis/project/reaching-task/config.yaml’,[’/analysis/project/videos/reachingvideo1.avi’,’/analysis/project/videos/reachingvideo2.avi’], shuffle=2)

I relocated the video and updated the path and that worked. I’m guessing I just had an incorrect path the first time, as you said.


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