Analyzing dv files in ImageJ

Newbie with ImageJ…trying to figure out how to split a black and white dv file into the respective red, blue and green channels (30 slices for each channel, 90 total). When I try to split it, it says “multicolor image required”. Do I have to make a substack and then overlay the colors? Is there a better way to do this. Haven’t found much online. How do I get the program to recognize the different channels? I’m using the Deltavision Opener plugin. Thanks!

Hi @Amer21 Have you tried using Bio-Formats to open .dv files?

Also, it’s basically impossible for people to help with such a question without you providing an example file. Please consider uploading or linking to an example dataset.

I think I figured it out. I have the DeltaVision Opener plugin. I was able to use the “Stack Splitter” plugin to split the dv file into 3 equal stacks. That way I could assign a channel to each stack (blue, green, red). Not sure if there is an easier way. I haven’t tried Bio-Formats but I just downloaded it. I will play with it for a bit. If there is a better way to handle the dv file let me know. I’m unable to upload an example of a dv file since the format isn’t recognized. Any other way to upload it? It’s on a secure serve so not sure I can link it. Thanks.

Just in case you were not aware, I wanted to point out that Bio-Formats comes pre-bundled with the Fiji distribution of Imagej, along with a load of other useful tools for image analysis.

Usually people will link to a file-share service (dropbox, google drive, etc), or zip the file and upload the archive.

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