Analyzing color intensity of JPEG images


I am trying to analyze the intensity of blue on stained sections and I am not sure how to do this with ImageJ. I want to determine the intensity of blue, of different areas of the tissue below. The image quality is pretty poor, but as long as I can determine intensity of these images, I will obtain higher resolution. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your help!

Hi @mpenson -

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I will start by saying… it’s best to really determine an analysis protocol on higher resolution images from the start. So if you can acquire those - I would recommend doing so asap. You will need them for any sort of robust analysis - including initial set-up. Saying that…

Can you clarify a bit exactly what you wish to measure in this image? When you say ‘intensity of blue’ - what exactly do you mean? You can look into the Color Threshold tool in ImageJ. Just know that the same analysis settings need to be applied to all the images you are measuring.

Hope this helps at least get you started.

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Good day Madeline,

did you take this image from literature?

If not, do you have the uncompressed image—which would be helpful.