Analyze the area of some point structure


I am new in image analysis. Ive got an microscopy image of an surface with some "point" structure. The aim is to analyze the area of the "points". How can I do that. Ive tried some filters and threshold without any succeed. Drawing all "points"with the marker isn`t a good solution because there are photos with thousands of them.

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The provided sample image shows considerable noise and mostly horizontal line-like defects. Furthermore, its spatial resolution is rather poor and it is slightly overexposed.

Please optimize the image acquisition process and please post uncompressed raw images, preferably in PNG-format.

Finally, it would be helpful to understand what you regard as “Point structure”.



Sorry, but i can`t post the original photo. For me the point structure are the round cycles in darker grey.

I hope it is possible you can help me.



here is an enlarged excerpt from your image (top right):

Are these one, two, or three “point structures”?
In any case, I wouldn’t call the structures “round”.

I don’t see a way for a reliable analysis, except perhaps by using WEKA-classification, an ImageJ plugin that is part of the Fiji-distribution. However, I would first improve the image quality by optimized acquisition.

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