Analyze Skeleton "running average length"

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We are doing some 3D skeleton analysis with the Analyze Skeleton plugin but we do not understand the meaning of the result “Running average length”.
I cannot find info about this parameter in the plugin site :frowning:
Any help will be really welcome!
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Hi! I still do not understand this parameter but I have to admit that I had no time to read about it :frowning:
If you know it and you would not mind telling me about it that would be great!
Appart from the running average length, the plugin is great and we could obtain a lot of data :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot for replying!


Hi @VeroMicro,

@iarganda is the main author of that plugin and will know for sure.

The code seems to have the answer though: From what I understand the “running average length” is a sum of distances between points on the skeleton (averaged over 5 pixels).

From here is says:

length_ra - calibrated edge length calculated with running average ofer (sic) 5 Pixel

So it sounds like a “smoother” version of length - since it averages distances over 5 vertices (I think).

Hope that helps a little,

Dear John, thanks a lot for the info!! For sure it helps! :slight_smile:

@iarganda @bogovicj Forgive me for my poor understanding. Can you explain it more deeply. I want to know why some avarage running length is 0, while the Euclidean distance is non-zero?

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That’s indeed very strange, can you post here an example of an image that produces such result?