Analyze_Skeleton - angles that bones create

Looking at the analyze_skeleton option, it is not clear if the output supplies the angle created between two bones in the skeleton, e.g [[‘hip’, ‘ischium’], [‘ischium’, ‘stifle’]] for each frame where the calculation can be made.

I can see where the angle of the bone is calculated between the two points, but is there an option to state which angles that you would like to calclulate between two bones ? e.g calculate_angle_between ([[‘hip’, ‘ischium’], [‘ischium’, ‘stifle’]] would supply the cos(?) degree between the two bones in the CSV file.


The analyze_skeleton option only gives you the angel of each bone at each frame. In particular it gives the angle that the line segment between the two points defining each bone makes with the horizontal axis.

The angle between two bones is not computed, but you can get it very simply as the difference between the angles of each bone at each frame. If you care only about the angle between two bones and not where they are relative to each other, then you should take the absolute value of the difference.

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Hi just to follow up correctly , on this . Have i understood it correct ?


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