Analyze particles behaving differently on different machines

Today we have run into a problem with Analyze Particles when trying to use it within a macro, on different computers than we have in the past.

The problem is that on two computers particles are correctly reduced and counted. On two other computers only particles associated with the edge of the ROI are retained. This also occurs when Analyze Particles is used independently of the macro.
Original image:

Correct result:
Incorrect result:

The problem is completely repeatable on all computers. All computers are running the same version of Windows and of ImageJ (1.52k). All used exactly the same files, ROIs, and Analyze Particles settings:

Analyze Particles settings: Analyze%20particles

Any suggestions?

Hello @Bethany,

did you check that the (relatively obscure) “Black background” option in “Process/Binary/Options…” is the same for all the ImageJs you use?

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That was it! The box should have been checked (and is, now).

Thanks for mentioning its obscurity, and the requirement will immediately go into the documentation for this procedure!