Analysis with ImageJ and Visualization in the Jupyter Notebook



Can you successfully import imglyb (without importing any imagej) in that conda environment?


No, I can’t. It raises the same error.

ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found.

I tried reinstalling from the terminal but still doesn’t work.

activate imglyb
(imglyb) C:\Users\User>conda install -c hanslovsky imglib2-imglyb   


The issue is with the conda build of PyJNIus. I tried on a Windows laptop and I got the same error. I tried to build the conda package for PyJNIus again on Windows but it failed with the same error. Unfortunately, my windows knowledge and debugging skill is very limited. It already took me hours to get conda to (try and) build, so I cannot help here, unfortunately.


Until we find maintainers for the conda packages for Windows, I will not be able to provide PyJNIus on conda, unfortunately. The only other option would be to try and build PyJNIus yourself. My hope is that you could run imglyb then.


As stated in the other thread (Imglyb and PyJNIus conda package maintainers needed for Windows and OSX) it seems like I was able to fix the build issues on windows with the help of @jakirkham and @jjahanip
PyJNIus (and eventually imglyb) will be available on conda-forge (instead of my personal channel):
@malj390 I will also update my anaconda channel tonight (when I have access to a Windows machine) with an updated Windows conda package, which should hopefully fix your particular issue for now.


@malj390 I just updated the imglib2-imglyb and imglyb-examples packages on my conda channel hanslovsky. I confirmed on a Windows 10 machine that it works. Please let me know if there are any issues.