Analysis of membranes with ring-shaped masks


I am trying to measure membrane intensities in live cell imaging series. I created ring-shaped masks for every time point of my series and want to measure the intensity only in the mask (see attached image). However, when I try this with Fiji, the intensity in the whole cell is measured. Is there any way to measure intensities in ring-shaped masks with Fiji?

Thank you very much for your help.



Hello there @ngoldhammer ,
Here is how i think you can try to do it. First you measure the area of the whole ring from each frame of your image stack and save these measruements. Then you do an ‘Invert LUT’ and then measure the area of the ‘inner ring’ and save these as well. Now do an area substraction (area of ‘whole ring’ - area of 'inner ring), this will give you the area of your membrane. Here are some sample screen shots

Whole ring

Inner ring

Area of whole ring - area of inner ring = Area of membrane. You can also do this on the whole stack.
Hope this helps,

Hello Praveen,

thank you very much for your help. However, I want to measure the intensity in the membrane, not the area. Since Fiji only gives me mean intensities instead of the total intensity, this approach won’t work for intensity measurements. Do you have any other suggestions how I could solve this problem