Analysis of large stitched pictures



Hello everyone,
I am already using CP for the analysis of different markers in my cell culture, but thanks to the acquisition of new microscope, I am now able to move forward to big mosaics of pictures from a same condition. Once those pictures are stitched, I’d like to make the same kind of analysis to the whole big picture to avoid any overlap bias.
But as expected, CP runs very slowly those big pictures. Is there any way in the setting to improve the analysis of this type of big pictures in CP ? I don’t know if RAM or cores values have to be changed in this case. Or maybe is it preferable to crop it and analyse each sub picture separately ?
Thank you for your help !



For now, in CP it’s best to keep the images unstitched and then processing them iteratively rather than trying to load the whole thing into memory at once; we’re planning to add that functionality that does that “under the hood” so that you can feed in a single large stitched image but haven’t quite yet. Any bias you come across will theoretically be the same in your control and treated groups, so it should “come out in the wash” so to speak.


Thank you very much for your quick reply, I’ll follow your advice and process only unstitched pictures.