Analysis crashes with large images

I am trying to analyse some large images (>100 MB per channel) - the analysis works well - but no matter how long I leave CellProfiler to process the set it will crash. I have tried chunking the images up into smaller sets ~3-4 at a time but it simply stops before the end of the last one. Is there any way to get around this? My computer is powerful enough to run the analysis pretty fast for the first 10-20 sets (if I put the full lot of them in) then just the analysis just stalls. Alternatively, if I put just a few in, it will do the first 3 and stall on the final image. Do you have any idea how to get around this?

Hi @leonsmyth1 ,

What do you mean by “the analysis works well”? Is it the test mode?
How many channel do you have? I think the size of the image doesn’t matter much?
Did you check the number of workers in File>Preferences?
Please share the screenshot of the CellProfiler terminal, if possible sample images & the pipeline you are trying. So that we can help you better.