Analysing MFI with macro - understanding output


I’ve had a quick look within previous posts but wasn’t quite finding an answer to my question.

I am coming back to microscopy after a year off and am working with an old macro for MFI that has unfortunately been hacked at and changed a bit by a PhD student here (hmmm) I think I’ve got it to the point where it is providing me with both MFI and total area stained. However I can’t remember which parts of the output are the right numbers I need!


I’ve uploaded a screen shot of the results for the first sample.

For those interested its calculating the MFI of CD11b+ staining of microglial cells.

Thank you and sorry if this topic has been covered elsewhere!

I guess that by “MFI” you possibly mean “Mean Fluorescent Intensity”? Please be concise in the description of your problem, people on this forum have a large variety of backgrounds and might not know what you think are basic terms.

You should ideally not have to remember but to understand :wink: .
Have a look at the user guide section on measurements for reference.

For any more detailed help, it would certainly be useful if you post your macro code here.