Analyse stl mesh

I have stl meshes from segmentation in itksnap. I would like to import into fiji to make use of the 3d geometry (eg ellipticity, feret diameter) found in the 3d ImageJ Suite. May I know if this is possible? How do I do it?

@ThomasBoudier, any ideas?

Hi Curtis, Hi Daniel,

For information for all users, I do not think there is an easy way to convert mesh to volume. I have a “voxellisation” procedure in my toolbox, but I can only read .obj object.



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Blender can import *.stl files and export *.obj files.

I found this tutorial on YouTube:

Would that help here?

I also remember a 3d object converter in the distant past which I used to convert*.stl to *.obj files for an animation: