Analyse Particles Perimeter

Hi again guys,

So i have a little problem in calculating the perimeter of contact of two surfaces. I want to contact the surface of contact between the brown particles and the purple ones. So using segmentation i got one image for the particles and other image where the purple touches the brown.

When i click on analyzing particles, ImageJ calculates the perimeter of each particle, so until there no problem, but when I calculate the perimeter on the picture of the areas of contact if I have a close particle he calculate only the exterior perimeter, but if i have an open particle he doubles the perimeter.

Of course that if I have only open particles, no problem, but I have a mix of open and closed particles. Do you guys know anyway of doing this?

Maybe to have acess each time to the exterior perimeter (no idea) or maybe not using perimeter and using area. I’m measuring pixels only.

Here is the images

The problem is that by measuring the perimeter of your binary objects for the edges, you’re measuring the “perimeter of the perimeter”.

Try skeletonizing your edge image and run analyze skeleton to get the total length for each object.

imagejan thank you for your quick answer.

So the branch length is going to give me the perimeter of each particle ?