Analyse particles - exclude by roundness

Hi All,
I’m using ‘Analyse Particles’ to create a mask for my images. This is working well, with a combination of area and circularity getting rid of most features I want to disregard. However, I realised that some of my images have a feature - that I want to disregard - and that has similar circularity as main features but a much higher ‘roundness’.

Is it possible to make ‘analyse particles’ disregard things based on roundness?
Or, is there another function I could use?

Hi @orkun,

if you install the BioVoxxel Toolbox you can use the Extended Particle Analyzer and use all parameters to limit your analysis. Roundness is one of them.
Since you know potentially already an approximate value this will be straight forward. Otherwise, a quick overall analysis with →Analyze →Analyze Particles… will most likely help you in determining that.
Or, you can run the Shape Descriptor Maps on your thresholded image to easier determine a potential candidate parameter for the desired analysis limitation.

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