Analyse Particle with target region only

What I am trying to analyse is a timelapse. And, I want to analyse the merging of area in a graph.
As shown in the image below, how do I focus on 262 region throughout the timelapse? There are others floating and moving around (261 and 263 for example in this case?) which I don’t want to get measured and labeled by the analyse particle during the whole timelapse.

Thank you.

I have never used it myself but perhaps TrackMate would help.

Hi Andrew,

if I want to use analyse particle to measure a fixed particular position (though it will be growing) and measure that area through the timelapse, is it possible?

By “fixed particular position” do you mean a single particle; like in your original post? Perhaps I should have given some more details in my last post. What I was thinking is that you can use TrackMate or one of the other tracking plugins to get the movement of each particle. Then you can feed the displacement information into a macro which will iterate through each of the time frames. In each time frame, it will select the particle using the displacement information and then run whatever measurement stuff you want.

I don’t have much experience myself with Particle Analyzer so there might be a simpler method I am missing here.

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Thanks Andrew.

This is the results I got from TrackMate after trying your suggestion. However, do you know what’s the macro named that convert displacement info into area?

And which info to feed into the macro? Velocity times the displacement?

Thank you.

Experiment-1060-3.xml (961.1 KB)

Attached file here is the export xml from TrackMate.

Okay. It looks like you actually get it in a CSV. Could you upload a that instead of the XML?

data.csv (14.0 KB)

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for your replying. I attached the csv file here. There are 3 in total. Not sure this is the one?

TrackMate capture of Experiment-1060-2

Links in tracks statistics.csv (12.9 KB) Spots in tracks statistics.csv (30.1 KB) Track statistics.csv (991 Bytes)

Just curious if I there’s any auto cropping for the spots (results of TrackMate)?
So in that way I can do analyse particle for area measurement.

Is there any way to export the purple spots throughout the timelapse?