An IDE allowing seeing values of generated variables when developing Python code in Fiji

Does anyone know a way (maybe a good IDE) to see variables’ values when trying to debug python code for Fiji? When a Fiji script fails, it is helpful to see what variables have been generated and what types of data are them (e.g. ImageJ1 variable or ImgaJ2 RandomAccessibleInterval variables), but values of variable cannot be seen in script editor. I couldn’t find good IDE for developing Jython code for Fiji.

I am having troubles to use ImageJ2 in my fiji Python code because of not getting the type of variable right to pass into functions!

Thank you in advance!

one simple option is to update to the last version of the script editor, and to tick the persistent tick box. Then you can type some python command interactively in the newly appeared window and print the values of some variables of your code (that stayed in memory thanks to the persistence).

If you want a proper IDE like Spyder with the list of variables and actual values you would probably need to use Eclipse (the version for Java Developers).
It is a bit more work, you can find instructions here Setup Jython scripting in Eclipse or there for IDE in general (logos are clickable)

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Thanks Thomas!
You are right I am hoping to have something like Spyder to run inside Fiji to help me develop Python code but looks like that is not available. I will try the solutions you suggested while searching for other options!
Thanks again!