An equirectangular panorama viewer plugin for ImageJ/Fiji

Dear ImageJ/Fiji users, I would like to share an equirectangular panorama viewer plugin for ImageJ/Fiji. This plugin is a port of the famous panorama viewer - PTViewer by the brilliant German Professor Helmut Dersch, who is also the author of the excellent open source image stitching software - Panorama Tools, which is the underlying image stitching engine of some image stitching softwares, like Hugin.

I just port the core of PTViewer, and other capabilities like hotspot viewer are not ported. I also added some comments in the code.

This code is also inspired by the Panorama Viewer project which is written by Stephan Saalfeld.

This equirectangular panorama viewer is fast, smooth and immersive, please try it.


Awesome, @panovr!

Are you planning to create an ImageJ update site for it?

Because I have another plugin prepared to release, so at first I need to clean the code. Thanks for the link, and I will learn how to create an ImageJ update site.

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