Amira Avizo Segmentation Network Problem

Hey folks! First time posting here.

I’m working on an image segmentation using a sequence of CT scans in Amira/Avizo and accidentally removed the tif object containing my CT images from my network. I still have the LabelField object but it’s not connected to any images anymore so I can’t continue with the segmentation. Does anyone know how I can reload the CT images into my network and reconnect them to my LabelField object so I can continue with the segmentation procedure?

Thanks so much!

If you still have the label field object in the project view, you should be able to just use the “Open Data” button to reopen your TIF stack. Then select the label field object, and in the Properties panel, choose the newly opened TIF stack in the “Image Data” dropdown. This should reconnect the two objects like they were before.

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