Alternate site to dowload Fiji?

Does anyone know off and alternate site to download Fiji?

I’ve tried the site several times and it delivers a truncated, corrupted file each time. I’m downloading the fiji-live iso file from source forge, but I would like to have the regular package. Whats wrong with the site?

Hi @shawnlau

Are you referring to the MacOSX release?
Because I have met a problem, unrelated to Fiji, that made me say the same things you just say:!topic/fiji-devel/WLvOcpPFlG8

@shawnlau I had the same problem a few weeks ago, but yesterday it works…

There used to be two mirrors for the Fiji web site, but at the moment there are none. An EU mirror in particular would be welcome. But it would be a fair amount of sysadmin work to set up.

Nothing concrete or consistent, as far as I can tell. The Fiji continuous release is served from the ImageJ Jenkins server which has been very reliable for most people.

If you continue to have problems, you could try using a download manager browser plugin which knows how to resume broken downloads.

I tried a download manager. The problem is it shows its a complete download when it isn’t. The download is supposed to be about 244 mb. I’m downloading the version with no jre, but I’ve tried the versions with the jre included and have the same problem. The download stops at about 134mbs and claims its finished. Trying to unzip gives me the the error that the archive ended unexpectedly. Using repair shows it gets to about the the plugins starting with c when it truncates.

I have manage to download the lifeline version from 2014, but the current version download is broken for me. Is it possible for someone to put a current version of the no jre, on bit torrent and link the torrent?

That is really unfortunate. I don’t even know what to suggest in that case…

As a long-term goal, we do want to set up website mirrors, particularly one in the EU. I have discussed occasionally with @carandraug, who I believe has an internal mirror of the ImageJ & Fiji update sites, but nothing public yet. If anyone else has motivation to push on the issue, that would be helpful.

Interesting idea—but of course it requires community members willing to keep active seeds going, and keep them current with the newest version every time.

I think it will ultimately be best for the ImageJ Updater to select the best/fastest mirror somehow. Maybe it can be done automatically on the server side from the base URL. But we don’t have the infrastructure or bandwidth to explore that at the moment.

Actually the mirrors are public. Anyone is welcome to use them. These are in the UK and should hopefully be faster for european users.

The mirrors are updated daily. There is a mirror for the imagej and fiji update site.

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I have the opposite experience. I have only the anecdotal evidence of “it is very common” to get corrupted files. This is not unique to my system, I have seen it happen on windows and Mac systems when installing it for other people.

We can set up a mirror on our servers like we do for the update sites but I don’t think it would help much unless is changed to allow the users to pick one.