Alphabetical order in Fiji menus (OSX High Sierra)



Since a few days (not related to today’s Fiji update), all file lists in Fiji menus and dialog windows have a strange behavior: they are not alphabetically ordered anymore. For example, the LUT menu does not show the LUTs in alphabetical order. It makes it a bit difficult to navigate, see the attached screenshot:


Looks like the getFileList macro function (and likely its java counterpart) are returning elements in random. See this output from one of my scripts where the files are processed in the order (after being listed by getFileList and loaded sequentially in the macro)
4C, 5a, 1, 4b, 2b


OK this one is a mystery.

I have another Mac with the same exact system (OSX High Sierra, java 1.8_101 etc). Up-to-date Fiji on this other computer has LUT menu in alphabetical order…

I think it’s since I used SMLocalizer, which transformed all ImageJ interface to some terrible swing with serif fonts thing. It reverted back to normal after relaunch but I still have this problem with lists since… Not sure if this makes sense.

I tried completely uninstall Java, I’ve destroyed IJ_prefs.txt and ImageJ.plist and replaced them by the version from the alphabetically-capable computer, to no avail.


This is a problem with APFS (Apple File System), which is only supported on macOS High Sierra and only with SSDs. File systems using the Mac OS Extended (HFS+) format do not have the problem. Apple will probably fix this since it afflicts many Mac applications. In the meantime, the latest ImageJ daily build (1.51t22) works around this bug for LUTs listed in the Image>Lookup Tables menu and for file names returned by the getFileList() macro function.


Thanks Wayne! Sorry to have incriminated an unrelated plugin then. Yesterday I also noticed it happened in a few other apps (application list in AppCleaner) so it is indeed an OS-level problem