Alpha release of pyclesperanto + graphical user interface for napari 🥳

Hi clij, clEsperanto and OpenCL-based image processing geeks,

following a Christmas tradition, I’m releasing the first alpha-testing release of pyclesperanto. It is the upcoming sibling of CLIJ in python land. You can find its full API reference of about 200 GPU-accelerated image processing functions here. Examples and details are available on its repository:

One major goal of the project is building a strong bridge between Fiji island and Napari island across the biological image data science ocean. Therefore, I’ve updated the earlier introduced python code generators available in Fiji. As a bonus, there is now a graphical user interface available for napari. Both can turn image data flow graphs designed on screen into Jython / Python code that is compatible to Python 3 and the Jython 2.7 dialect in Fiji. No need to change code when switching platforms. clEsperanto :wink:

Of course, also from the napari interface, you can export Python Jupyter notebooks:


Online installation instructions are available for the image processing library pyclesperanto_prototype and the user interface napari-pyclesperanto-assistant. In very short:

pip install napari-pyclesperanto-assistant

You can then start the new napari-based user interface like this:

python -m napari_pyclesperanto_assistant

Call for feedback

I would be happy about feedback! As I just recently started distributing python packages, I would be happy to hear if installation works painless on end-users computers. Bug reports and suggestions for improvement are also very welcome: either here in the forum or as github issue.

Happy Holidays! :slight_smile:



That’s awesome!

How is this different than the Napari plugin approach?

Happy holidays!

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Hey @Jules,

Well, it is some kind of napari plugin. The napari developers haven’t revealed yet how image processing plugins in napari can hook into napari. That’s why you need to call it from the command line in the meantime :slight_smile: