All keyboard shorcuts are duplicated on latest Fiji update - OSX



New Java8 update causes all keyboard shortcuts to be submitted 2x.
This leads to all sorts of unindented consequences.


Could you write a short and minimal recipe that demonstrates the issue?





Any shortcut.


With CMD D two windows appear

With CMD W two windows close


Can reproduce if I press CMD first.
If I just press W or D it works as expected.


Perhaps this is also related to this recently submitted issue mentioned here on the Forum? It seems they might be linked… no? I edited & updated that issue accordingly…

Too - I put it in that repository (imagej/imagej1) as opposed to fiji/fiji - perhaps I should move it?

@Wayne @ctrueden - thoughts?



This is a bug in Image Legacy. I will work on fixing it today. Not a problem with ImageJ1.


This bug is fixed in ImageJ 2.0.0-rc-64, available now from the ImageJ Updater. See imagej/imagej-legacy@bab66b8d for technical details.