Align for four channels



I need to align four different channels: phase, A488, A594, A350. Align only allows three channels. Is there a way to get the fourth channel in there, or do I need to do two separate alignments of 3 channels each.
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In the Align module, the images are aligned with respect to the first image. So you can add as many Align modules as you want, as along as you specify the same image as the first one.

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Thank you for responding so rapidly to my query. So in the first align module I align phase (1st), A488, A594, but then each of them get a new name. For the second align module do I use the name for the 1st phase image or the name after the first alignment?
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You can use either one, but keep in mind that the images are cropped according to the smallest input image (if the images are all the same size, then no cropping is performed). This means that if one of your input images other than the first is smaller, the aligned first image will be smaller than the original. If you know this not to be the case, then I would recommend using the original phase image.