Album Forgets Display Settings (MM 2.0 Gamma)

Hi everyone,
We’ve been having an issue with album mode where it forgets display settings whenever you close an album. It’s a particular issue with setups that produce multiple monochromatic images (e.g., setups using the multi-camera adapter or the new colour CellCams that we’re currently working on). This is still an issue in the latest nightly build of of MM 2.0 Gamma

So initially when taking an album image you get this:

After changing the display settings you can get this:

If you close the album and open a new one the display settings revert back to the original grayscale with no channel colours (i.e, back to image 1). Is this a bug or are we missing some settings somewhere?


Hi @Elliot_Steele

This is certainly unintended behavior, and I noticed similar things under different circumstance that I want to have a look at. It is so hard to get this code to behave correctly!

Could you open a ticket on github? That should prevent forgetting this specific issue.

Hi @nicost,

Thanks for taking a look at this, github issue is opened (Album Forgets Display Settings · Issue #1164 · micro-manager/micro-manager · GitHub)

I know exactly what you mean! GUIs are always so fiddly to get working and I find that end users always manage to find some series of operations that breaks things :slight_smile:

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help