Aicspylibczi 2.5.1 Release

Announcing the 2.5.1 release of aicspylibczi, a Python library for reading ZISRAW / CZI files.

aicspylibczi supports reading a CZI file all at once, or a selection of the image file.
Additionally, aicspylibczi supports reading mosaic CZI files and returning the reassembled image.

At aicspylibczi’s core is Zeiss’s libCZI C++ library which we expose with pybind11 bindings and a Python wrapper.

aicspylibczi provides the implementation for the CZI reader in the AICSImageIO library.

aicspylibczi sprung out of the work by Paul Watkins and was then advanced primarily by Jamie Sherman with the help of Dan Toloudis, Jackson Brown, and Madison Bowden. Test images were provided by Melissa Hendershott, Caroline Hookway, Tim Murphy-Stevens, and Douglas Wood.