AICSImageIO 4.0.0 Release

AICSImageIO 4.0.0

We are happy to announce the release of AICSImageIO 4.0.0!

AICSImageIO is a library for image reading, metadata conversion, and image writing for microscopy formats in pure Python. It aims to be able to read microscopy images into a single unified API regardless of size, format, or location, while additionally writing images and converting metadata to a standard common format.

This is a big release! We now rest atop xarray, for certain file formats we can reconstruct / restitch mosaic tiled images, we can read (and in some cases write) directly from remote storage (s3, gcp, etc.) and much much more!

Full release notes can be found here: Release Mosaics, Xarray, and Writers, Oh My! · AllenCellModeling/aicsimageio · GitHub

If you are new to the library, please see our full documentation for always up-to-date usage and a quickstart README.