AI menu and Export Training Regions missing from QuPath-0.2.0-m10

In the latest milestone of QuPath (0.2.0-m10) it seems that the AI menu and the Export Training Regions command are missing. Have they been superceeded by other commands or are they hiding somewhere? I use this feature extensively and while I know it is possible to implement the same function with a groovy script, I would prefer to just use the existing feature.

Yes, they have been replaced by the TileExporter. While this does require scripting, it makes the script straightforward. I assumed that the feature would be used mostly by people who code, and so it wasn’t needed in the GUI; the scripting method enables much better customization. It’s also awkward to maintain two completely separate approaches to doing the same thing in the software.

Possible options for the future include adding a command line version, or add a GUI command that uses the TileExporter directly.

:scream: this has been the only reason I use qupath, but I guess not many people are like me :rofl:

Documentation for the tile exporter is here.

As I mentioned above, the scripting method is much more powerful than the previous method through the UI.

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