AGAVE 0.9 volume viewer

AGAVE 0.9 is available now for Windows and MacOS!
This is a release candidate for 1.0.

It’s a high quality OpenGL volume renderer using stochastic progressive ray tracing.
It can load multichannel uint16 TIFF (preferred OME-TIFF) and CZI files. Requires a GPU, the bigger the better.

Available here:

New additions to this release:

  • transfer function editor
  • time series support (loads one time sample at a time)
  • embedded python and python script export
    ** export python script and make edits, then run agave --script
  • UI improvements
  • Zeiss CZI file support

Open source release coming soon.
From the Allen Institute for Cell Science


I tried running AGAVE on a windows 10 machine but I have some error message due to some dll missing.

Seems like I need to download a Visual C++ runtime or ? Any advice on which one ?
No logfile was created.

vcruntime140 is from Visual C++ 2015, 17, or 19 (they technically share redistributable version numbers, but in an odd way). This combined Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015, 2017 and 2019 should do the trick.


Worked, thanks ! ____

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How do I convince AGAVE not to use my Intel Card and use the real GPU instead?

Agave does not currently detect multiple GPUs (this is future work that will eventually be added)

There may be OS or driver based settings that let you force the application to use your other GPU. Can you say what OS and type of GPU you are using?

If you have a NVIDIA GPU, this article might show how to do what you want:

Thank you for helping with this. I didn’t see the post till late, but that is the exact thing I would recommend. I didn’t bundle the VC runtime in this simple zip packaging, but if we make an installer-based build, it will definitely check for that dependency.

I figured it out inside the Nvidia Seettings. Thx.