Agarose gel quantification

Hello everyone. Is it okay to use images captured by smart phones when quantifying PCR products in Agarose gel electrophoresis? Thank you.

Good day!

I think it is not a good idea.

Smart phone cameras use image sensors followed by heavy image processing. I general you have little to no influence on the latter.

What you need for scientific image processing/analyses are cameras that provide access to uncompressed raw images and that work with a known gamma, ideally gamma = 1.

Another issue are the optics. In general image distortions are of minor concern for everyday photography but they matter with scientific image processing/analyses.



Noted. Thank you Herbie.
Anyway, do you have any suggestions what’s the most efficient camera to use in taking images for gel quantification?

Look for institutions that and ask colleagues who successfully use image data acquisition in your field and for your purpose.



Noted, Thank you Herbie.