After segmentation of polarized monolayers, can CellProfiler measure individual cell edge length and angle?


I am interested in measuring the cell-cell contacts length and the angle formed between two individual cell edges at a vertex of polarized epithelial cell monolayers. It seems that CellProfiler is capable in segmenting monolayers into individual cells which is an important step for my data analysis, but I dont know if is capable of measuring lengths and angles. I have images of monolayers stained with antibodies against adherens junctions. Any information or confirmation if the software is capable of doing these measurements will be greatly appreciated.

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One approach is to calculate lengths and angles between cells using their centroid locations, after segmentation. Are you able to share an example image?

Check out the MeasureObjectNeighbors module. It has these features (see below) which encompass most (all?) of what you want. Possibly would need to combine these metrics with the perimeter lengths from the Identify* modules.

Object measurements

NumberOfNeighbors: Number of neighbor objects.

PercentTouching: Percent of the object’s boundary pixels that touch neighbors, after the objects have been expanded to the specified distance. Note: This measurement is only available if you use the same set of objects for both objects and neighbors.

FirstClosestObjectNumber: The index of the closest object.

FirstClosestDistance: The distance to the closest object.

SecondClosestObjectNumber: The index of the second closest object.

SecondClosestDistance: The distance to the second closest object.

AngleBetweenNeighbors: The angle formed with the object center as the vertex and the first and second closest object centers along the vectors.