Advice on yeast image lineage tracing

Hello everyone,

I am new to microscopic image analysis. I want to perform cell lineage tracing of yeast cells. For cell segmentation, I am using cellprofiler 2.2 (specifically because I want to use cellstar plugin which is compatible with version 2.2). For cell tracking I am using trackObjects module using the “distance algorithm”. I am providing my pipeline for the results.
My concern is that when I look at the exported csv file, the parent objects of are non-sensical to me. To elaborate, I feel that parent object number of a cell are somewhat random and not representative of the truth.
I am also providing the raw image stack, the segmented image stack along with cell identities labelled and the associated spreadsheet. I would be much helped if some one could explain it to me how to interpret the data out of trackObject module or if I should make any improvements to my analysis methodology.
MyExpt_YeastCells.csv (46.1 KB) raw_yeast_stack.tif (6.2 MB) Tracked_objects_stack.tif (9.3 MB) Yeast_lineage_tracing_pipeline.cppipe (8.8 KB)
Thank you!