AdoptOpenJDK latest release

Fiji is installed (on several Win10 machines; education, which is similar to enterprise; 1909). The most recent use here was with AdoptOpenJDK JRE with Hotspot (either x64 or x86). this worked fine for weeks / months. - Now, I installed - huups. The x64 does not allow Fiji 64bit to start at all (Error: could not create the Java Virtual Machine. A fatal exception has occurred. Program will exit). - The x32 does allow Fiji 32bit to start. - Now, AdoptOpenJDK JRE with Hotspot 11.08.10 (both 32bit and 64bit) are installed. the x64 does not allow Fiji to start. The x32 accepts a start of Fiji 32bit, but: lots of Warmings: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred, etc etc. (all that comes in a cmd window) - very strange. Anybody able to help?