Adjustment Windows won't appear since Windows Update


since the last windows update it is not possible for me to see Options I open under "Image >> Adjust >> …’. I tried downloading the software again and tried switching to the 32-bit version. Nothing helps.
The windows are shown in the taskbar, but do not appear anywhere else on the screen. I tried the right-klick option on the taskbar to ‘cascade windows’, but the imagej windows simply won’t appear. It appears that everything else works just fine.

Thanks for helping!

It might be that their position is off screen, which can happen on a dual-monitor setup, or apparently also after updating Windows. Have a look at this post for a small script snippet to solve the issue:


Thank you! It helped!

Thank God I finally got the appropriate solution. I am facing this issue for the last two months, now the issue is solved. Now I am having another taskbar won’t hide in my windows laptop after enabling this feature.