Adding preferred plugins to the main imageJ toolbar?

For faster access I’d like to add a few often used plugin and/or macro icons to the unused boxes on the right side of the main Fiji toolbar; is this possible?

Dear @TG3,

the icons you are talking about are custom tools which can be added to the ImageJ toolbar. They have their very own definition that would allow you to record your favorite menu commands and wrap them in tools to your liking.



Thanks–this is exactly what I’ve been looking for! :+1:


It seemed initially to be an easy task to add a plugin or a macro to the toolbar-until I’d tried to do it… Opened Plugins->New->Plugin Tool, but it turns out it is Java, not a drag-and-drop icon or menu item.

How exactly can I place a selected plugin icon on the toolbar? Thanks.

Could you provide an example of which plugin you want to add to the toolbar, just to clarify that we are talking about the same thing, @TG3?

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Just to start, I’d like to add the Ridge Analysis plugin and a button for a macro (let’s call it Test_Macro) I wrote and saved in some folder (C:/User/TG3/IJMacros/Test_Macro.txt).

You can have so-called Action Tools, which are effectively macros that are executed once you click on the icon in the toolbar. Several of such action tools form a toolset and, therefore, should be saved in the <ImageJ folder>/macros/toolsets folder to be selectable from the More Tools menu.

Your toolset could look like this. Once you save it into the aforementioned toolsets folder as, let’s say TG3.ijm you can immediately select it and the two Action tools will be added to the toolbar:

macro "Ridge Detection Action Tool - C0a0L18f8L818f" {
	run("Ridge Detection")

macro "Test Macro Action Tool - C0a0L18f8L818f" {
	// Run custom macro

I have created the macros with Plugins > Macros > Record.