Adding Nikon Ti2 and NIDAQ broad

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We want to control Nikon Ti2 through µmanager 2.0 gamma on windows 10, and we have Ti2 control software ver 2.2 installed. However, when I copy the Ti2_Mic_Driver.dll file into the µmanager folder and add Ti2 on hardware configuration wizard, µmanager crashes and shut itself down. On the µmanager website, it says we should try ver Therefore i am wondering if anyone has any success with adding Ti2 to µmanager and whether it is necessary to use ver

Also, we have a NIDAQ terminal block (SCB-68A) which connects to PCIe-6321. Can we control this NIDAQ board through µmanager? Do i need to request any additional drivers or mmgr file?

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I successfully use a Ti2 with Micro-Manager. I used whatever version of the Nikon software that the Micro-Manager recommends.


I am also having the same problem with micro-manager and a Ti2-E. Did you have any luck? Could you tell us which specific software and version of micro-manager that you used?

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Hi @mjmorten,

I have managed to control Ti2-E in micromanager by installing Ti2 Control ver 1.2.0 instead of 2.2, then follow the procedure online ( and it works.

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