Adding new modules


thanks to your good description, i managed to install everything to run the CellProfiler source-code on WinXP.

i can also modify existing modules, but so far i did not manage to make a new module appear in the selection windows.

does one have to register a new module somewhere?
just putting a new “” into the “cellprofiler/modules” folder did not work for me (as it used to with the Matlab version).


There are two ways you can do this:

  • You can register this module in the cellprofiler/modules/, by adding it to the builtin_modules and pymodule_to_cpmodule lists.

  • We also have a plugins directory under cellprofiler/modules which is intended to accept .py file placed there. However, it is still experimental and hasn’t been fully tested; you may have to check what directory cpprefs.get_plugin_directory() (located in cellprofiler/modules/plugins/ returns, and place the file in there.

Hope this helps!

You can set the plugins directory in the preferences (but you have to restart CellProfiler for CellProfiler to detect the new modules). Also, I’m almost certain it works.

just realized that i never replied. sorry.

thanks! i got it working!


I have tried all the methods mentioned in this post from 2008 and none of them work. What is the status of being able to add modules in the current version of CP2?


Hi Jay,

You should be able to place the .py file in your plugins folder (making sure that the folder location is set correctly in the preferences) and CellProfiler should pickup on it. What is happening instead in your case?


first of all sorry for reviving this old topic ^^’

I have a problem with including modules as well. So i can place my own modules in the plugins-folder und the modules are getting compiled, but the the modules aren’t displayed in the module-list in CellProfiler. And if the (own) module is included, in which module category it should appear ???

(to make it more reliable with the modules: i’m clicking on the ‘plus’-button next to ‘Adjust modules:’ on the bottom of the pipeline and then a little window opens, where i can choose my modules)

I tested it with several modules and even the module-template ‘measurementtemplate’ doesn’t appear in CellProfiler.

I’m using a win7-64bit computer and CellProfiler 2.1.1

I’m thankful for every help i can get :smile:

Regards, Martin