Adding Multiple Module in Pipelines

Hello, I want to add three modules in profiler pipelines but I’m doubting if that is possible. Is it possible to do?


I think we may need some clarification on your question. I can see two ways to address it: Do you mean:
*You want to add pre-existing standard modules to an existing pipeline: *Fortunately, this is straightforward: You can click the “+” button at the bottom of the pipeline panel to add modules from our full list. - *You want to add a custom module as part of a pipeline: *
This would mean that you are writing your own module for a specific function and you want CellProfiler to recognize it. If this is what you want to do, such a module would need to be written in Python; we have put together a wiki on the subject on our GitHub repository: … ler-module

I mean adding pre-existing standard module to existing pipelines. Anyway, thanks for giving clear answer though my question wasn’t clear.