Adding images via in place import to a dataset nested in a project

Hello everyone,

I have been importing images to my omero server (in omero docker compose version 5.5.1) using this general command

bin/omero import --transfer=ln_s /external_data/otoliths/group1/ -sudo root -u fig_fish1 -g fisheries -T Dataset:name:otoliths

now the dataset otoliths has been moved under a project called fish_ageing and new images need to be added to the dataset otoliths.
is there a way to change the command line above to ensure that the new images are linked to the dataset otoliths under the project fsh_ageing?

would something like this be acceptable?

bin/omero import --transfer=ln_s /external_data/otoliths/group1/ -sudo root -u fig_fish1 -g fisheries -T Project:fish_ageing:Dataset:name:otoliths

thank you very much.

Hello ilaria

The syntax of the import command as suggested by you will not work - please see - go to Files changed tab of that PR and read the correct syntax from there (there is a slash between the Project and Dataset specifications, not a colon).
Apologies, we are just in the process of adding the documentation to this already existing feature.

Nevertheless, i think your situation is actually simpler.
You do not need to worry about the Project, I understand that the Project has been already created manually and the dataset otoliths has been linked to it.

Thus, you can simply target that Dataset in your import command, and forget about the Project parts of it.
This would be then
bin/omero import --transfer=ln_s /external_data/otoliths/group1/ -sudo root -u fig_fish1 -g fisheries -T Dataset:name:otoliths

That command will be working fine, whether the Dataset “otoliths” is under a Project or not. The only important question is, whether there is one or more Datasets “otoliths”.
If the answer is “only one”, then you can use the command as suggested here in this comment - of course please give it a try and a think.

Thank you very much

All the best