Adding hints about variable in macro language

Continuing the discussion from Multistackreg macro:

I added two examples for concatenated parameter specification when calling macro run() methods to the wiki page about macro scripting to make these things more clear. Please have a look at that. Feedback if those hints are understandable is warmly welcome.


I think this is a good idea, to illustrate specifically how concatenation helps to pass variables as arguments to commands.

Do you think it would be worthwhile to also mention the &var notation for inlining the variables in the string? Or do you think it would just confuse the issue? (After all: no script languages support that—it is a macro-specific feature.)

I just had some weird issues with the &var notation, that’s why explicitly did not mention it in the stackreg thread. In combination with your argument of no scripting language supporting that, I’d vote for omitting it in the beginner’s examples.


I would also skip it