Add update sites?

I wish to follow an update site, however when i try and follow the wiki site ( Following an update site - ImageJ) instructions as shown below

I receive only the following options

the “update Image J box” does not give me the option “manage update sites” and instead only gives the following


I’m probably doing something really silly here but any help would be really appreciated!!

From your screen-shots it can be deduced that you run plain ImageJ that doesn’t support update sites except, as you found out, for ImageJ itself.

It is Fiji, a distribution of ImageJ, that comes with a lot of plugins pre-isntalled, that gives access to update sites.

You can either stay with plain ImageJ and find the desired plugins that normally are easy to install, or you download Fiji.

Hi Again notQRV

Thank you for your help. I have downloaded fiji now.

All the best