Add sequence of images with fixed threshold

Hi! I need to systematize a process in ImageJ able to determine an anatomical volume from its image in axial slices: in each slice I apply the same threshold then the calculation could be done Slice-to-slice… but I have 80 slices and it would take a long time to do. Is there some macro or plugging developed for this?
Many thanks

Hey @rabasa

So… I’m not quite sure what you mean… Can you provide an example image file (perhaps only a subset of slices?)? This way - we can see your data and perhaps test things out.

But also - can you clarify what you aim to do with these datasets? If you want to set a threshold… first - I’d recommend using Auto-Thresholding methods. Once set - it should be applied to all slices if you have your data opened as a stack / hyperstack.