Add napari to Open Neuroscience


We are reaching out because we would love to have your project listed on Open Neuroscience, and also share information about this project:

Open Neuroscience is a community run project, where we are curating and highlighting open source projects related to neurosciences!

Briefly, we have a website where short descriptions about projects are listed, with links to the projects themselves, their authors, together with images and other links.

Once a new entry is made, we make a quick check for spam, and publish it.

Once published, we make people aware of the new entry by Twitter and a Facebook group.

To add information about their project, developers only need to fill out this form

In the form, people can add subfields and tags to their entries, so that projects are filterable and searchable on the website!

The reason why we have the form system is that it makes it open for everyone to contribute to the website and allows developers themselves to describe their projects!

Also, there are so many amazing projects coming out in Neurosciences that it would be impossible for us to keep track and log them all!

Open Neuroscience tech stack leverages open source tools as much as possible:

  • The website is based on HUGO + Academic Theme
  • Everything is hosted on github here
  • We use to see visit stats on the website. It respects visitors privacy, doesn’t install cookies on your computer
    • You can check our visitor stats here

Please get in touch if you have any questions or would like to collaborate!


I’m very supportive. The Open Neuro community looks great and your emphasis on open source aligns well with the values of napari. If @jni you give a thumbs up too, then unless any napari core developer objects in which case we’ll discuss more, I’ll fill out the form.


Definitely supportive! :tada: Thanks for thinking of us! :blush:

Awesome! Thanks a lot.